1966 Reunion

What a treat! Charles Haithcock has resurrected a tape of the 1966 reunion in which Jerry Hancock interviews all the siblings present (all except Leonard) and Tincie in a show called “You Don’t Know.” (Also 1968 and 1969. See below). Here is a link to listen to our parents (or grandparents) singing and cutting up with each other. At the end, they all sing together. It ends on Suppertime and unfortunately, the tape ran out. (You can download the file if ou like.) I can tell you it brought tears to my eyes hearing it again. I apologize for the strong southern accent I had at the time!


1968 Reunion

Mostly music from the ’68 reunion, but there is a kid at the end singing twinkle twinkle. What kid is it?


1969 Reunion

Again mostly music. Begins with Suppertime and JB’s narration.