James Lloyd Jordan

October 2, 1920-September 19, 1988 (67)

While all of the Jordan boys were tender hearted, I think Lloyd probably took the prize.  He was truly a gentle man and I think he always had a stately look about him along with very penetrating, caring eyes.  We would stop at Lloyd and Earline’s en route to the old homeplace.  It was a huge well manicured spread with every farm implement you might imagine clean and in its proper place.


In his later years, Lloyd would take produce to the farmers’ market in Charlotte where I would occasionally run into him.  It was fascinating to look at his goods in comparison to the others for sale.  His bunches of turnips, for example, were so neatly bundled and manicured they looked like a painting.  They were perfectly clean and artistically bound.


Lloyd died suddenly as do most of the Jordans, attending to a new calf which had just been born.  His death was a big shock to me, much as the others’ were.  But I felt particularly close to Lloyd because we would sing together at the family reunions, each outdoing the other on the all-important bass sections.  I wrote a poem about Lloyd’s death which is included here.


James Earl Jordan (Jimmy) is the oldest child and the only son of Lloyd and Earline Pigg.  He was named after his father (James Lloyd) and his maternal grandfather, Earl.  He was born on June 14th, 1942 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.  He graduated from Pageland High School in 1960 and received a degree in Industrial Management from Clemson University in 1965.


Jimmy married Betty Hardee Bellamy on September 7th, 1985 and they now live in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina where he is a vice-president for Seaside Utilities Inc..  They have one child, James Earl Jordan Jr. (Jim) who was born on August 29th, 1968.


Jim recalls a story Bo would tell about PaPa:  When it was really hot weather – July & August – and “layby” time, PaPa would always tell the boys “Don’t get those mules too hot.”  Bo said he never mentioned the boys.





Kay Elaine Jordan (Evans) is the second child and the only daughter of Lloyd Jordan and Earline Pigg.  She was born on October 30th, 1946 in Union County, N.C..  She graduated from Pageland High School in 1964 and received a B.S. degree in Elementary Education in 1967 from Winthrop College.  She married Donald Evans on December 21st, 1967 and they now live in Pageland, South Carolina.  She is a retired teacher with one son Bryant David Evans born on November 3rd, 1973 who now lives in Las Vegas with his wife Amy (right).


Kay tells a story which her mother Earline had told a number of times about PaPa Jordan living in the “sticks.” PaPa and the family were sitting on the porch when a car came down the road, which was a rare thing.  Papaw said, “Somebody’s lost!”

Lloyd’s heart skipped a beat today–

it never really stopped.

Left behind are the cucumbers he gathered–

we don’t know for whom–

and two bushels of peas someone else enjoyed.

His tobacco pouch

lies on the front seat of the pickup

ready for his next chew;

his hammer’s there

in case a fence needs fixing.

Still waiting too are the sofa

where he took his peaceful naps, and the heating pad for his tired back.

All of us are here, waiting also, like he might walk up with that smile

and chat like before.

We all have a favorite story of Lloyd–

mine is how he liked to sing

at the family reunions.

He’d say, “Now we really have to bear down

on the bass on this one, Jerry,”

as he thumbed the book

for his favorite old gospel song.


But today his mind was on his new calf–

it had some problems, yet survived

as Lloyd had.

And on the way to check on it, Lloyd’s heart skipped a beat

here on earth,

then picked up with the next one in heaven.


–Jerry Hancock (September 19, 1988)