Mamie Clarice Jordan Haithcock


March 21, 1927 –June 18, 2005 (78)

My dear Kitty…..she was so special, always so full of good cheer and laughter and teasing. One of a kind if ever there was. When I got the call that she had died, my spine went numb. Losing her and my mom in the same year was unnerving—it was just too much. She had complained of some stomach pain that morning but insisted she would be fine when Charles left for work.


She and Trudie were especially close. My mom worried a lot about Kitty and kept check on her. She had just left Kitty’s house when she had her accident, so Kitty was the last one to see her alive.


She was religious about helping my mom harvest the garden and shell the peas or shuck the corn to put it away. Her kids and my family were inseparable in the summer. Her son Ronnie and my brother John were particularly close, going to Blackburn’s Curb Market for push-ups after the garden was harvested while I was working there as cashier and general labor.  Kitty used to play the piano and sing Black Creek Will Shine. The lyrics are:


Black Creek will shine tonight,

Black Creek will shine.

Black Creek will shine tonight,

Black Creek will shine.

When the moon comes up,

And the sun goes down,

Black Creek will shine.


“Kitty” was born on March 21, 1927 at the old home place in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.  She finished Ruby High School in 1944 by attending the 11th grade (which was the highest grade available at the time).


Kitty was voted the prettiest one in her senior high school class.  The picture above surely confirms that. She married Charles Edgar Haithcock on November 7, 1948.  They were later divorced.  The two children born of that marriage are:


  • Ronald Lee Haithcock, born April 4, 1952
  • Charles Wayne Haithcock born May 22, 1955

Kitty says the thing most like the Jordans to be found in her personality was she was always hard working.



Black Creek Stories


In the famous “What Do You Know” interview, Kitty says that she obtained that name because she always played with kittens as a child (notice she is holding one in the photo in this section).  She says that Blease had always complimented her on being such a great “pea sheller” because she was able to shell peas so well.  It pleased her then to be able to call Aline “cat licker.”  She threatened to tell Lon that Aline liked Shortie Campbell which apparently would upset Aline.  She said that when they were picking cotton they laughed about the fact that Wilson could not sing but he could yodel.  And he would yodel Blessed Be The Tie That Binds.



Ronald  Haithcock


Ronnie Haithcock is the oldest of two sons born to Kitty and Edgar Haithcock. The name “Lee” is from his paternal grandmother.  Ronnie was born on April 4th, 1952 in Davidson County, N.C..  He graduated from A. L. Brown High School magna cum laude in 1970 and from Southern Wesleyan University in 1974 with a degree in psychology.  He received his Master’s of Divinity degree in 1977 from Asbury Theological Seminary and Doctor of Ministry degree in 1988 from Drew University.  He says his easy going nature is the thing most like the Jordans.


Ronnie married Susan Annette Davis on May 12th, 1973 and serves as pastor of Long Shoals Wesleyan Church in Lincolnton, N.C.  He has four children, Kaura Michelle born on July 29th, 1977; Kimberly Rene born on October 25, 1980; Micah Jordan born on November 21, 1984; Trent Wesley was born on February 10, 1993.  Ronnie says he looks like the Jordans because of his olive skin and facial features and he acts like Jordans in temperament.

“I remember fondly the annual pilgrimages of “going to the country” for the Jordan reunion.  Flashbacks include hot, summer like temperatures/long, sandy desert roads/extended tables filled with dishes of food/family relatives milling around the home place and property,” says Ronnie.


“One of my earliest boyhood recollections is a vague, nebulous memory of Grandpa Jordan.  It seems like I was on his lap and he was giving me stick candy.” according to Ronnie.  Family lore has included the infamous tornado story, the toil and labor of cotton farming, and the legendary song, “Black Creek Will Shine Tonight.”


Ronnie says the enjoyment of gospel singing has always marked our family and its gatherings.  One of the traditional favorites was “Come Home, Come Home, It’s Suppertime.”


“A home place, a big family, hard work, belief in God, simple pleasures … all part of a history and heritage for which I am grateful.”


“We grew up with a fairly unusual double family link.  Kitty and Aline Jordan (Jordan sisters) Married Ed and Harold (Haithcock brothers).  So, we double cousins had much in common pertaining to Jordan heritage!


Summers growing up often involved gardening and canning.  At my aunt Trudie’s home, John and I would play and play.  We liked getting permission to go to Blackburn’s Curb Market so we could buy candy, etc. Classic summer fun!” –Ron Haithcock


Ron’s children are…


Kaura Michelle is married to Jeremy Africa.  They reside in Canton, Michigan where Jeremy serves as associate pastor at Plymouth First United Methodist Church.  Kaura is in the field of counseling.


Kimberly Renee is married to Nathan McMurphy.  They currently reside in Wilmore, Kentucky where Nathan is a student at Asbury Theological seminary.  They have one child Daevis Eiraynee McMurphy, Ron’s first grandchild.  Her middle name is a New Testament Greek word for “peace.” Kimberly is a special education teacher.


Micah Jordan is a student at Southern Wesleyan University majoring in history.  He is an accomplished guitarist.  He enjoys singing and leading “praise and worship” music.  Also, Micah is a good basketball player.


Trent Wesley is in seventh grade.  His primary interests include music, sports, and church activities.  He is a genuine “socialite” who is bubbling with energy.  “Trent brings much joy and delight to our lives,” says Ron.

Charles Wayne Haithcock was born on May 22, 1955 at Lexington Memorial Hospital in Davidson County, North Carolina.  He graduated in 1973 from A.L. Brown High School in Kannapolis N.C. and attended Central Wesleyan College in Central, South Carolina.


Charles was awarded the best citizen award at Jackson Park Elementary.  He received the high-school senior class social studies award and graduated from high school with honors.  Charles works in the food-service department of Concord First Assembly of God.  He says the traits most like the Jordans which he possesses are looks and money.