Virginia Aline Jordan Haithcock

December 23, 1924 – ????


I’ll never forget the joy of seeing the yellow and white 1955 Chevrolet BelAir come into our driveway because I knew that Harold and Aline were bringing some sort of treat for my family.  It seems that every visit, they would bring something special and I was always hoping it would be fudge popsicles, my personal favorite.


This gesture of caring wasn’t unique to Aline–many Jordans possessed a sense of caring, but Aline took a special interest in my family.  I assume that was because she saw the hardship placed on my mother raising children on Social Security.  But she also gave generously of her love and attention, scooping up all of us as we would come toward her when she arrived.  Of course, Harold is a soft touch also, taking his cues from Aline and adding his own special words of encouragement and comfort.  What a wonderful couple! They truly seemed to be two puzzle parts which fit together because each had things the other needed and because of their very special connectedness to each other.


Ginny says that whenever she was sick she would ask my mother to call Aline to come and visit—and Aline came promptly, nursing Ginny back to “health.”  But Ginny lost her affection for Harold, because he was always coming to take Aline away from her.


Aline reminded me that my mom depended on her a lot, calling her for consolation when Harley died, when Maro died and whenever Trudie was hospitalized or incapacitated.

Aline also likes to remind me that I was born the year of her marriage and that it was easy to keep up with her anniversaries by checking on my age.  (Joye Wyne was born on Aline’s wedding day.)


It was always fascinating to me that sisters Aline and Kitty married brothers Ed and Harold, giving the family a double connection to each other (and producing double cousins).  The Haithcocks and Jordans, therefore, became inexorably intertwined.


A special treat for my family in the summers was to go to the beach with Aline’s family.  Typically Aline and Harold would rent a large house for a week or more and would invite us to join them–resulting in a huge number of children, many of whom would sleep on the porch on quilts, playing into the night reasonably well behaved.  Aline seemed to thrive on having loved ones around—she said she cared little for the beach, but enjoyed taking care of all those kids and keeping the house in order (which she did meticulously).


Aline even now is unabashedly affectionate whenever I see her.  In this section is a picture of my mom and Aline taken in December, 2004 before my mom’s death in January.  I had begun to take Mom to see various people on the Friday morning visits which we enjoyed, and visiting with Aline was a particular pleasure for my mom and me.  Some have noted how much they look alike.


Of course Harold and Aline produced a wonderful family which you will read about in this section.  I feel a special closeness to this family even though we don’t get to see each other nearly as much as I would like.


Black Creek Stories

Who would guess Aline was the tough one in the family! She was the dreaded fighter, able to whip her older siblings, as they willingly admit. Bo acknowledged as well, that she could “beat his butt” in a fight and he would try to avoid her if she was mad.  Harold notes she could lift a 100 pound bag of seed or fertilizer easily.


On one occasion, Aline and Ester got into it and Aline had Ester in a hold from which Ester could not get loose. Conveniently, Aline’s butt was in Ester’s face, so to break the deadlock, Ester bit her on the butt, to get herself free. Aline was furious and she went to Cross Roads Church next day, hiking her skirt up showing her friends where Ester had bit her on the butt!


Something else that made Aline mad was her brothers calling her “Big Eyes.” She (and they) said no one knows exactly why that was started, but everyone was clear J.B. started it. (Hard to believe our parents fought over the same things growing up that we did!)


Aline and Kitty continued to stay on the farm long after Trudie had left and moved to Concord. Here is the text of a letter they wrote (Aline would have been 14 years old and Kitty only 11) to Trudie when she had been in the hospital in 1938 (not dated):


At home thinking of you.


Dearest Trudie (Dick)[I have never found any logic to the nicknames the siblings gave each other.  JH]


Just writing you to let you know that we are all still living down on Black Creek. Guess you still got the grunts but seems like you can’t die no matter how hard you try. Ha. Ha. How have you been coming on since you went back? Fine, I hope.


I want to tell you we got through picking cotton this week and boy, I am glad. Flora Belle Atkinson [Tincie’s relative] is staying with us and cooking. How is Jenny and Harley coming on? Fine, I hope. Tell them I said to be sweet and come before long.


Well, as it is time to juice the cows, I will have to hang up for the time.


Excuse the rough paper and sorry writing. Will try to do better next time.




Aline and Clarice

(Frisk and Kitty)


If Lon Jordan had had his way, Harold might never have gotten into the family—since Lon wanted Aline to see a “preacher type” who came calling on Aline as a teenager. He even left his hat behind, perhaps as an excuse to see Aline again, but she wasn’t interested in him. “He was ten years older than me,” says Aline, “and I didn’t like him at all. But Daddy liked him and wanted me to see him.”


As it turned out, (after attending Berry College in Rome, Georgia for a year and a half) Aline came to Kannapolis to work in the mill and lived with Kitty and Ester (who had married Burris and was working in a local beauty shop). Lon Jordan came to Kannapolis selling produce on the street and Aline brought Harold to meet Lon in 1945. Conveniently, she had to leave the two of them alone so she could go on to work—not exactly what Harold wanted. But apparently he passed the inspection and Lon was approving.


The romance was interrupted by Harold’s going into the military, but he came home “wanting to get married” according to Aline and the rest, as they say, is history.  They married on October 26, 1946 (Joye’s birthday) in the Royal Oaks Baptist Church parsonage. Their first residence was 601 Broad Street in Kannapolis, an apartment they rented next to Harold’s parents. That apartment did not have an indoor toilet, so Harold would frequent his parents’ home for that purpose.  At the time, Harold was working in Cannon Mills earning $18 a week. By October of 1948, however, they bought the Peach Street home for $5500.


At this writing they have been married 58 years—and their kitchen stove is almost as old but looks in mint condition thanks to Aline’s meticulous (read obsessive) caring for it. Harold says there’s “very little wire left to replace a burner” because of the age of the appliance.

Their first child Sandra Gail was born February 1st, 1953 in Concord at Cabarrus Memorial Hospital.  She completed high school at A. L. Brown High and received a B.A. in business administration from Southern Wesleyan University in 1975.  In high-school Sandra was in the National Honor Society and in college was in the Who’s Who in Colleges and Universities.  Sandra married David Martin Albertson August 14, 1976 and according to her parents, she has the “Jordan eyes.”  She is currently working as office manager at Hayworth Christian School in High Point, NC.  Sandra and David live in Thomasville where he is serving as pastor of the Thomasville Central Wesleyan Church.


Randy Alan Haithcock was born August 18th, 1955 at Cabarrus Memorial Hospital.  He also attended A.L. Brown High School and Southern Wesleyan University, graduating magna cum laude in 1977.  He also has a Master of Divinity degree from Columbia International University, awarded in 1985.  Randy was in the National Honor Society in school, was the North Carolina DECA young man of the year, the DE student of the year and won first place in the North Carolina DECA public speaking competition.


Randy is married to Joy Nance and serves as a pastor at Unity Wesleyan Church in Archdale, NC.   They have four children Melody Hope, Faith Emily, Paul Allen, and Mark Timothy.


Sandra Gail Haithcock Albertson is the first child of Harold and Aline Haithcock.  The family was raised on Peach Street in Kannapolis where Harold and Aline still live.  Sandra has two children Angela Dawn Albertson Davenport, and Daniel Keith Albertson. They live in Thomasville.


Angela was born on August 24th, 1979 in Seneca, South Carolina.  She graduated from high school in 1997 and graduated summa cum laude in speech pathology from UNC Greensboro in December of 2000.  Angela received her Master’s Degree from UNC Greensboro in May. 2004. She is currently working as a speech/language therapist in an elementary school.


She married Jason Wyatt Davenport on June 2, 2001.  According to Sandra, Angela has big brown eyes like the Jordans and is organized, meticulous and detailed like her grandmother Aline.  Jason has a Biology degree from Wake Forest University and is currently in Divinity School at Wake Forest. He is also serving as a part-time Youth Director at Clemmons Presbyterian Church in Clemmons, NC. Angela and Jason live in Winston Salem, NC.


Daniel Keith Albertson was born on July 3, 1985 at Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  He graduated from Hayworth Christian School in 2003 and since then has been in college studying computer science.

Sandra says her first memories of the old Jordan homeplace “were going to the Jordan reunion from the time I could remember through high school.  I remember not being able to believe so many people could live in that house.  I also remember the gospel singing by the family after dinner on the grounds.”


“Mom always said she did not want Randy and Sandra to have to live like they did growing up and she worked hard all her life to provide for us.  She gives of herself selflessly to anyone in need.  She is one of the most giving persons I have ever known.  I could never have felt more loved by anyone.  Although the Jordans were later spread out, Mom had a great loyalty to her brothers and sisters,” Sandra says.


Randy Alan Haithcock was born August 18th, 1955 at Cabarrus Memorial Hospital.  He attended A.L. Brown High School and Southern Wesleyan University, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1977.  He has a Master of Divinity degree from Columbia International University, awarded in 1985.  Randy was in the National Honor Society in high school, was the North Carolina DECA young man of the year, the DE student of the year and won first place in the North Carolina DECA public speaking competition.


Randy is married to Joy Nance and serves as a pastor at Unity Wesleyan in Trinity, NC.   They have four children: Melody Hope, Faith Emily, Paul Alan, Mark Timothy and Christina Grace.


Melody Hope was born on January 2, 1979 in Randolph County.  She graduated from Wesleyan Christian Academy in 1997 and from Southern Wesleyan University with a degree in Elementary Education and Bible in 2002.  Among her achievements are being listed in Who’s Who Among College And University Students.  She was also in the Honor Society and Beta Club in high school and active in Student Mission Fellowship at Southern Wesleyan.  She is described as a hard worker like her grandmother Aline.  She married George Hucks on July 19, 2003. George is a medical student at USC, Columbia, SC. Hope teaches 4th grade at Red Bank Elementary. They hope to use their skills as missionaries.


Faith Emily was born on October 6, 1981 in Richmond County, South Carolina.  She also attended Wesleyan Christian Academy and graduated in 1999.  In high school she played trumpet in the All State Band.  She was also in the Honor Society and Beta Club.  Faith is considered a big talker like her grandmother Aline. Like her older sister, she graduated from Southern Wesleyan University, with a degree in Biology in 2003.  She received the Future Leaders Scholarship at SWU where she was also the sophomore class president.  After graduation from SWU, Faith began a Physician’s Assistant program at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN.  Faith married Aaron Tolan on December 19, 2004. Faith is due to finish her PA program in August 2005. Aaron has been accepted at Johnson City, TN as a medical student. They desire to serve in missions.


Paul Alan is named after his father and was born on November 29, 1984 in Lexington County, South Carolina.  He graduated from Hayworth Christian School in 2003, was in the Beta Club and freshman and sophomore class president.  He also is a hard worker. He is attending Southern Wesleyan University as a junior in the ’05-’06 year.  He has traveled the past two summers with a praise band representing the school and ministering in churches and youth and children’s camps.


Mark Timothy was born on February 22, 1988 at High Point Regional Hospital in Guilford County, N.C.  He attends Hayworth Christian School and will graduate in 2007.  He is a member of the National Beta Club and has played basketball.  He plays saxophone in the church band and is the church custodian.  During the summer he works for a local framing contractor.


Christina Grace was welcomed into our family one week after her 7th birthday.  Mom and Dad traveled to the eastern part of the state to bring back this precious treasure with which God had blessed them.  She quickly won everyone’s heart as our “drama queen.”  She looks like her sister, Hope, and acts like her sister, Faith.  She has attended Hayworth Christian School, but will be home schooled this year for 4th grade.  She enjoys singing, rollerblading, and playing basketball.