1969 Reunions Tape


Game show: What Do You Know?


Nezzie is teased about her “Acrobatic skills” because of her elopement from Black Creek.  Also, apparently Nezzie was sampling Lon’s snuff and had stored some in the woods along with her “toothbrush” (used for retreiving the snuff).  A fire came along and burned the end of her toothbrush.


Trudie tells the story of J.B. and his hen nest.  J.B. apparently was frequently found counting the eggs in his nest.  Trudie also tells the story about Leonard who seemed to have a lot of business in the woods when the rest of the kids were picking cotton.  Apparently several of them went into the woods to find Leonard just avoiding work.


Blease tells the story that Leonard said he was going to leave and go to Florida and get away from this farm.  However, he kept changing his mind so it never came about.


Blease tells the story about J.B. who was to be feeding the cows but said that some old man came along and got his tubs and he couldn’t find them in order to feed the cows.


Blease also tells the story about picking cotton, noting that the children were putting the cotton that they picked on the same sheet and it wasn’t growing very rapidly.  Granddad made them start putting the cotton that they had picked on their own sheets resulting in about three times the amount of cotton, to which Leonard said “Now you can see who’s doing all the work.”


Wilson tells the story about having to stand at the gate to wait on the cows, saying that he apparently waited too long because Leonard had to clean his britches when he got there. Wilson says he does not know exactly how he got the name “Wick” but that it was given to him by the brothers and sisters as he was growing up.


J.B., who was running for office at the time this was recorded, noted that there was lots of fun and in the old swimming holes, but there was always a mule waiting and lots of work to be done when they left the swimming hole.  He also remembered how the family would get in the old T model and go to Cross Roads Church on Sunday.  He noted that it was a large family but there was always lots of fun picking on each other.  J.B. used to particularly pick on Lloyd, calling him ” Snark ” all the way to and from school which irritated Lloyd; says that Leonard always wanted to be Uncle John’s boy and they teased him about that.  (apparently Leonard was not in attendance at this reunion.)


Lloyd who had been living in Pageland for 18 years at the time of this recording, says he had always wondered who it was that stole J.B.’s feed bucket.  He noted that one time Lon had asked J.B. how much he had fed the cow (which was looking puny), and J.B. said somewhere between a bushel and a peck.  Lloyd also tells the story about the time when he and J.B. were supposed to be watching the cows and apparently J.B. let them get away and they wound up at a neighbor’s house.  Lloyd got the whipping for that according to him.


Ester said that once she and J.B. were supposed to go out and hoe the potato vines and wasps got after them and they get pretty seriously stung.  Ester says that she had to give Nezzie a bath when she was getting ready to elope out the window–but she was only 3 years old at the time.


Aline says her brothers used to make her very mad by calling her “big eyes.” She says J.B. originated it but she doesn’t know where it came from.  See also says that when the children were picking cotton, Leonard would put water or other things on his cotton to make it heavier so it would weigh more.


Kitty says that she obtained that name because she always played with kittens as a child.  She says that Blease had always complimented her on being such a great “pea sheller” because she was able to shell peas so well.  It pleased her then to be able to call Aline “cat licker.”  She threatened to tell Lon that Aline liked Shortie Campbell which apparently would upset Aline.  She said that when they were picking cotton they laughed about the fact that Wilson could not sing but he could yodel.  And he would yodel “Blessed be the tie that binds.”


Bo says that after Blease got married, he kept his milk cow at Ray Stancil’s (Bo was apparently responsible for taking care of the cows). He went to Ray’s to get the cows and Ray’s wife Kate was there and he went to get the cows out of the lot and Kate picked up a stick and hit the cow to get it moving.  Ray said “That’s right Kate, just bust his ass.”